Nitrogen Insights Monitor

Transform your nitrogen practices with our advanced monitor

Our product allows you to easily visualize and track nitrogen dioxide and ammonia levels. With this tool, you can optimize your nitrogen management and reduce emissions.
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Data package
We provide you with our data in CSV and TIFF formats to get started right away.
Accessible Dashboard
Access your data anytime, anywhere. Your own online dashboard, filled with maps and charts.
Receive a report with explanation of our findings. Including maps and graphs for the right insights.
What’s in the air?

The lifecycle of air pollution:
from emissions to deposition

The lifecycle of air pollution

Emission refers to the release of pollutants into the atmosphere, from factories, cars and other sources.
Concentration refers to the amount of pollutants present in the air at a given location and time.
Deposition refers to pollutants that settle on the Earth’s surface. Through rain or snow (wet deposition) or direct (dry deposition).
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From column to surface
Bringing accurate air pollution data into focus
Converting satellite measurements from column-level to surface-level data is essential for accurate monitoring of the impact of pollutants on human health and the environment. This approach allows us to monitor pollutant concentrations at the surface level.
Visualize to optimize
Visualizing emissions for targeted reduction
The nitrogen insights monitor helps target NO2 and NH3 emissions per region, aiding a region-specific approach to tackle nitrogen-related issues and protect human and environmental health.
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