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About Caeli

Satellite based solutions for a greener future

At Caeli, we combat climate change and air pollution with advanced satellite solutions. Join us for a greener future.
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The challenge

Combating two of the world's greatest challenges

Air pollution threatens our planet and our health. Globally, 99% of population are affected by it. It is urgently needed to address this crisis. Below, we highlight the three core issues and why taking action is crucial.

Environmental Impact

Polluted air harms ecosystems, leads to biodiversity loss, and contaminates natural resources such as forests and water sources.

Health Risks

Air pollution is deadly and causes millions of premature deaths, resulting in respiratory and heart problems, cancer, especially in children and the elderly.

Business Consequences

Companies must go green due to pressure from regulators and consumers. Sustainability is essential to avoid issues arising from neglecting air pollution.
Persoon gebruikt satellietoplossingen voor luchtkwaliteitsinzichten.
Mission & vision

Advancing satellite solutions for a cleaner world

Caeli’s mission is to address global issues of climate change and air pollution. With advanced satellite solutions, we aim for a more sustainable future, focusing on understanding and mitigating the effects of climate change and improving air quality to enhance the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants.

Pursuing key sustainable development goals

Our mission actively supports multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We prioritise clean air and health (3) by improving air quality. Our engagement in urban areas creates cleaner and sustainable cities (11). We contribute to climate action (13) by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We also promote land conservation and sustainable use (15).
Bijdrage van Caeli aan SDG's 3, 11, 13 en 15 - Een duurzame aanpak voor schone lucht, stedelijke ontwikkeling, klimaatactie en landbehoud. Dit door inzet van satelliet oplossingen.

Explore our story so far

Start of Caeli

“During one of my mountain bike rides through the dunes of Schoorl North Holland, I smelt the emissions of a scooter riding in front of me. In the distance, I could see the big chimneys of Tata Steel in IJmuiden. Why can I tell if rain is coming via a shower app, but not what the air quality is like here. That’s where our journey began.”

– Co-Founder Martin Smit

The beginning of our journey

With a shared vision, our journey began: harnessing satellite data and artificial intelligence for solutions to pressing global challenges. With passion for innovation and determination, we founded Caeli. Our products and services are the result of years of dedication, research and development, providing powerful tools and insights for smarter decisions and a more sustainable future.

Working towards a cleaner world

As of 2016, we have a mission. The mission to make the world cleaner and more beautiful. Better livable by combining new technologies. By looking at our atmosphere differently. You breathe 16 times a minute and over 20,000 times a day. While we don’t know what goes into our bodies. We want to change that.

Tackling two major world problems

During Co-Founder Martin’s trip to Silicon Valley in 2017, the insight emerged: we need to map air quality. This realisation led to our vision to make the world cleaner, without limitations to our own neighbourhood. We focus on two of the biggest global problems: air pollution and climate change, using high-end satellite technology and the latest AI techniques.

Global perspective, local insight

In 2016, we started equipping Dutch postal workers with the first sniffer bikes, equipped with duct tape and advanced sensors. From local insights, we quickly moved to using satellite data. With our focus on this data, in recent years we have specialised in processing and interpreting it. Thanks to the view from above and our developed algorithms, we can now map and analyse any location worldwide.

Deploying data and AI

Our advanced algorithms, perfected over the years, together with intensively trained machine learning models, provide detailed insights. From every street to global city districts, no secrets remain hidden from our Air Quality Monitor. Our in-house team has mapped rural and urban areas.

Our mission

At Caeli, we strive to change the world through innovation and technology. Our mission is to make meaningful contributions to various sectors, from agriculture and the environment to urban development and natural disaster management. We are determined to harness the power of data and AI to make a positive impact on our planet and the people living on it.

Want to know more?

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