Empowering a sustainable future

We are on a mission to fight against the two biggest problems in the world: climate change and air pollution. We are committed to using our expertise in satellite-based solutions to drive change.

Satellite based solutions for a greener future

Curbing CO₂ emissions, the nitrogen crisis, climate change and greenhouse effect. Terms we come across every day. But what can you do against it? Our solutions based on satellite data provide a new insight to enable your companies to become greener.
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Our story

During one of my mountain bike rides through the Schoorl dunes I could smell the exhaust emissions from a scooter travelling in front of me. I was amazed that via an app it’s possible to see if it’s about to rain but that I can’t see if the air quality is good in my location.

Martin Smit, CEO en Co-founder.

Mapping the climate crisis

A few years ago, the entrepreneurs began a mission to fight against the climate crisis and map the air. After all, we all deserve clean air. Thanks to an inspiring speech by 12-year-old Severn Suzuki and with daily experience of CO2 emissions, they set about it. 

''In my life I have dreamt to see jungles full of wild animals, birds,and butterflies. But now, I wonder if they will even exist for my children to see.''

Severn Suzuki

Air pollution and climate change

During a trip to Silicon Valley in 2017, former classmates Martin and Harald decided they had to do something in order to map the air quality. The aim is to deliver high-quality data which can form the basis of any policy decisions. Government and businesses play the most important role when it comes to championing good air quality. Now Caeli is fighting to counter the two biggest problems in the world: air pollution and climate change.

Sensor boxes

They began with sensor boxes. The sensor boxes were filled with sensors which can measure different gases. These boxes were installed on building façades. In spite of the reliable data the sensor boxes were not scalable. Mapping the entire world is a difficult task. What can measure air quality without these problems? In the end, they found the solution in satellites. It is possible to map the entire world without essential hardware. Something far more affordable and quicker than placing sensor boxes everywhere.

Complex calculation module

Satellite data is very accessible but also fairly complex. The ambition to develop a product that could measure whether the air is good or bad proved a major challenge. Ultimately, it took a lot of thinking and also many experts to design the dashboards we have now. The quantity of data and the resolution at ground level all form part of a complex calculation module; amongst other things, the Tropomi measuring instrument can measure a vast amount of data. All matter moves differently through the atmosphere. Everything you breathe in and what falls to the ground all plays a role.

Deep tech

With the aid of our deep tech, we combine all data and the measurements from ground measurement stations, and, thanks to our AI algorithms, we can reveal this data to you. This enables us to unite science, modern technology and the people on this planet to help build a cleaner and healthier place to live. In our quest for a greener world, we believe in sustainable partnerships and custom products.

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