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Data-driven solutions for sustainable agriculture

Harness data-driven insights to combat the nitrogen crisis in agriculture. Optimize practices and cultivate sustainable farming for a prosperous and eco-friendly future.
Accurate measurement

Providing transparency about the nitrogen crisis

Gain precise insights into nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and ammonia (NH3) levels for effective agricultural management. Our use of satellite measurements enables accurate insights, providing a comprehensive understanding of the nitrogen situation. Make informed decisions to optimize agricultural practices and minimize environmental impact.
Continuous monitoring

Evaluating nitrogen effects in agriculture

Monitor air quality over time to evaluate the effectiveness of agricultural measures. Track changes in emission levels and assess the impact on biodiversity. Drive sustainable practices by ensuring that agriculture contributes to environmental preservation rather than pollution with nitrogen emissions.
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Discover our greatest benefits

The satellites orbit the Earth and collect gas data every day, making it possible to monitor gas concentrations anywhere in the world.
Our user-friendly dashboards provide new insights, allowing you to see which measures you can take to make your business more sustainable.
Our uniquely developed algorithms make data from various satellites accessible, providing you with an accurate picture of gas concentrations in each area.

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