Air Quality Monitor

Create a healthier environment for your community

Globally and locally, our Air Quality Monitoring keep an eye on air quality to help make informed decisions about how to protect the air we breathe. Get started with creating a healthier environment for your community.
Data package
We provide you with our data in CSV and TIFF formats to get started right away.
Accessible Dashboard
Access your data anytime, anywhere. Your own online dashboard, filled with maps and charts.
Receive a report with explanation of our findings. Including maps and graphs for the right insights.
Improving air, improving life

Improve air quality for community health

Identify areas where action needs to be taken to improve the air quality for the health and well-being of residents. This can lead to a stronger and more vibrant community, as people are able to live, work, and play in a safe and healthy environment.
Insight into the air quality within neighbourhoods
Local insights

Mapping the air quality on a local level

Our air quality mapping combines satellite and ground-reference data for comprehensive regional insights. Identify areas of high pollution and implement targeted interventions with our local-level data.
Follow your progress

Monitoring the WHO guideline values

Our air quality monitor tracks WHO guideline values for pollutants, helping you protect public health by reducing exposure to harmful emissions.

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