Carbon Emission Monitor

Maximize carbon reduction and minimize risks

Reduce your carbon footprint and stay ahead of environmental risks. Our Carbon Emission Monitor helps you optimize sustainability and reduce risks.
Data package
We provide you with our data in CSV and TIFF formats to get started right away.
Accessible Dashboard
Access your data anytime, anywhere. Your own online dashboard, filled with maps and charts.
Receive a report with explanation of our findings. Including maps and graphs for the right insights.
Carbon emission monitor example map
Mapping assets

Powering sustainable investments with data

Gain insight into emissions from individual assets, such as power plants, coal mines, and steel factories. Our monitoring and mapping solutions provide essential data for sustainable decision-making.
Follow your progress

Quarterly carbon emission monitoring

With the most up-to-date data, including the last quarter, you can easily report progress and identify areas for improvement to support your company’s sustainable progress.

Get started today

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