You can't hide from a satellite

Using real time satellite data, Caeli makes air quality and emissions worldwide accessible, understandable & visible.

Solutions for air pollution & climate change

Caeli helps combat two of the world’s biggest problems: air pollution and climate change. We deliver solutions for your organisation based on high-resolution satellite data.

Air quality visualised

Using satellite information, we can pinpoint different gases such as CO2 and NH3. The gases are then presented by us, either via the API or conveniently on the map.

Understandable, Accessible & Visible


Satellite data knows no boundaries. We map the air for you in high resolution. Worldwide.


Our data is converted into handy dashboards or individual maps so that everyone can implement the data, for the sake of clarity.


We have both real-time and historical data available, allowing greater accuracy in daily forecasts.
Our solutions for different sectors