You can't hide from a satellite

Caeli’s satellite data makes air quality and emissions visible, accessible, and understandable, empowering action to fight air pollution and climate change.
About Caeli

Expanding air quality insights beyond your horizon

We utilize satellite data to map and monitor various pollutants present in the atmosphere, providing a comprehensive and accurate view of air quality conditions. Which can be used to combat air pollution and climate change.
example of monitoring nitrogen dioxide neighbourhoods
How can we help?

Improving air quality with our monitor

Our Air Quality Monitor provides visibility into air quality to help people make informed decisions about how to protect the air we breathe. This data can be used to map out areas of high NO2 and PM levels, and to monitor this over longer periods of time.

Solutions for air pollution

Caeli helps combat two of the world’s biggest problems: air pollution and climate change. We deliver solutions for your organisation based on high-resolution satellite data

Visualizing air quality through satellites

Using satellite information, we can pinpoint different gases such as CO₂ and NO₂. The gases are then presented by us, either via the API or conveniently on the map. This is incredibly valuable for understanding and monitoring air quality, as high levels of these gases can have significant impacts on human health and the environment.

Choose the right plan for you

To help you solve air pollution and climate related issues, we provide several products to deliver insights.
Solutions for different sectors

Specific solutions for
your company's needs

With the use of satellite data, combined with our algorithms and the application of artificial intelligence, we provide data and insights for a wide range of sectors.

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