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Respiratory Risks

Air pollution can lead to lung diseases like asthma and bronchitis, reducing lung function and causing chronic respiratory problems.

Cardiovascular Impact

Poor air quality increases the risk of heart diseases, elevating blood pressure and causing heart attacks and strokes.

Cognitive Decline

Air pollution is linked to cognitive decline, affecting memory and increasing the risk of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Child Development

Children exposed to air pollution may face stunted lung growth, developmental issues, and an increased risk of lifelong health problems.
Local levels

Air quality in focus for valuable health insights

Discover how green spaces, local industry, and building types influence the air quality in your neighborhood. Explore our data to gain valuable insights into the air you breathe. Take control of your lung health and make informed decisions for a healthier environment
Discover NO2 levels

Daily updates on nitrogen dioxide levels worldwide

Explore our comprehensive daily mapping of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels across the globe. Stay up to date with the latest information on air pollution and its impact on your health. Make informed decisions to protect yourself and contribute to a cleaner, healthier world.
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The satellites orbit the Earth and collect gas data every day, making it possible to monitor gas concentrations anywhere in the world.
Our user-friendly dashboards provide new insights, allowing you to see which measures you can take to make your business more sustainable.
Our uniquely developed algorithms make data from various satellites accessible, providing you with an accurate picture of gas concentrations in each area.

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