Green deal or no deal

Curious to find out how your municipality is doing compared with the rest of the Netherlands? We help you make data transparent.

Monitor your environment

Using our insightful tools, you can monitor companies and regions in your local area. Are you curious what we can do for you? 

Reliable insights

We provide support in implementing Environmental Law. We are able to provide reliable information. This allows you to secure a good balance between protection and utilisation of the living environment.  

"Monitoring the health of the population, biodiversity and infrastructure is a lot of work. Using tools supplied by Caeli we know precisely where the priority lies: the nitrogen problem and CO₂ emissions."

Why choose Caeli?


The satellites rotate in their own orbit around the globe and with our exceptional calculation method we can zoom in with high resolution worldwide. We process this real-time data in a handy dashboard so you are able to monitor gases across the globe.


Using various satellites and with the aid of our uniquely devised algorithms all data is made transparent. This way you know precisely which gases, in which concentration, are present in which region and obtain a fair picture of the world.


Because official ground stations are fixed to the ground, data is limited. In contrast, a satellite is in motion, which enables accurate data to be collected from across the globe. With our innovative AI, as a deep tech company, we are able to reveal this data.


Our dashboards are user-friendly. Not only can they be used for new insights but can also serve as an additional tool if you already use existing datasets. This provides you with a complete picture of which measures you can take when making your company more sustainable.