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Enhance urban health with air quality monitoring

Experience the power of satellite data in monitoring local air quality and driving informed government for a healthier environment.
Local insights

Detailed insights for clean air

Utilize the power of precise, fine-grained data to drive effective policies in air quality management. With our advanced solutions, optimize air quality, reduce nitrogen emissions, and make well-informed decisions based on reliable information, fostering healthier, sustainable urban environments that prioritize the well-being of residents and future generations.
Compliance guidelines

Accurate monitoring of air guality guidelines

Easily verify if your municipality meets worldwide guidelines, such as the World Health Organization Air Quality Guidelines. Implement recent measurement data for swift action and create a healthier living environment. Optimize your air quality management based on reliable measurement results aligned with international standards.
Area comparison

Comprehensive coverage for air quality analysis

With Caeli’s globe covering satellite data, you are able to compare air quality and nitrogen levels between urban and rural areas. Our advanced technology provides full coverage, mapping every region in a high resolution. Explore variations and trends to make informed decisions and foster a healthier living environment.
Why choose Caeli?

Discover our greatest benefits

The satellites orbit the Earth and collect gas data every day, making it possible to monitor gas concentrations anywhere in the world.
Our user-friendly dashboards provide new insights, allowing you to see which measures you can take to make your business more sustainable.
Our uniquely developed algorithms make data from various satellites accessible, providing you with an accurate picture of gas concentrations in each area.

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