Air Quality Monitor

Globally and at a local level, our AQM keeps an eye on air quality and climate change.

Monitoring clean air

Research by the GGD reveals that people from the province of Brabant live a year less as a result of air pollution. Not only does it cause asthma in young children but also cardiovascular disorders in adults. The air outside is as bad as if smoking five cigarettes per day.

Monitoring nitrogen dioxide

We all have the right to breathe clean air and it is important to consider the effects air pollution, such as high levels of nitrogen dioxide, have on your health. We find out just how bad the air is in your postcode district and then you know precisely what kind of air you are breathing every day.

Air pollution and climate change

Air pollution and climate change are two of the world’s biggest challenges which must be tackled. Many measures are in place for this purpose. Consider, for example, driving 120 kilometres per hour on the motorway instead of 100 kilometres. But are these measures also actually helpful?

Real time data

With historical and real-time data, we monitor whether these measures counter air pollution and what the effect is on your health. Interested to find out what your options are?