Nitrogen dioxide

Nitrogen dioxide, NO2, is an atmospheric pollutant from traffic and industry. We visualize this substance using, amongst other things, custom nitrogen maps.
Visualization of a Nitrogen Dioxide molecule.
What is nitrogen dioxide?

An unseen danger in the air we breathe

NO2, or nitrogen dioxide, is a gas composed of one nitrogen atom and two oxygen atoms. It is considered an air pollutant as it can have negative effects on human health and the environment. It’s important to visualize this gas to reduce it’s emissions.

Where does it come from?

Impact of human activities on air quality

The gas is a byproduct of burning fossil fuels, and as such, the majority of the emissions come from human activities. The main sources of NO2 emissions include transportation, power generation, and industrial processes. The emissions from vehicles are particularly concentrated in urban areas, where there is high traffic density.
Sources of nitrogen dioxide on a grid
What are the effects?

Harmfull impacts on humans and nature

Damage to airways
NO2 can be extremely harmful to human health. The gas can penetrate into the smallest branches of airways. This can lead to asthma and other lung conditions.
biodiversity icon
Reduction in biodiversity
When too much NO2 is released in the soil or water, it can also be harmful to nature. Certain species of plants and animals disappear from territories. This impacts the earth’s own cycles.
example of monitoring nitrogen dioxide neighbourhoods
How can we help?

Improving air quality with our monitor

Our Air Quality Monitor provides visibility into air quality to help people make informed decisions about how to protect the air we breathe. This data can be used to map out areas of high NO2 and PM levels, and to monitor this over longer periods of time.

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