Nitrogen dioxide

Nitrogen dioxide, NO₂, is an atmospheric pollutant from traffic and industry. We reveal this substance using, amongst other things, custom nitrogen maps.

What is nitrogen dioxide?

Nitrogen dioxide, NO2, is a compound gas of nitrogen and oxygen. Nitrogen is all around us. It is not inherently harmful but is when combined with other gases. For example, nitrogen dioxide and ammonia. Too many of these gases result in additional particulate matter in the air.

Sources of emissions

NO₂ is released primarily when fossil fuels are burned, for example via exhaust gases, aeroplanes and ships. Consider also for instance electricity production, power stations and heating.
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Impact on people and nature

Damage to airways  

NO₂ can be extremely harmful to human health. The gas can penetrate into the smallest branches of airways. This can lead to asthma and other lung conditions.

Reduction in biodiversity

When too much NO₂ is released in the soil or water, it can also be harmful to nature. Certain species of plants and animals disappear from territories. This impacts the earth’s own cycles.
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How does satellite data help?

Nitrogen dioxide emissions must be lowered. Our satellite data can help in this.