Carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide, CO2, is increasing due to human activity. Our solutions contribute towards lowering CO2 and measuring steps taken.
Increasing greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, trap more heat in the atmosphere, leading to climate change.
What is carbon dioxide?

Climate change catalyst

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a naturally occurring gas that is crucial for the earth’s natural cycles. It is a compound of carbon and oxygen and a greenhouse gas that affects the climate. Human activities have led to increased levels in the atmosphere, causing global warming, changing weather patterns and rising sea levels.
Where does it come from?

Human made emissions

CO2 is primarily emitted through human activities such as burning fossil fuels, which are used to generate electricity, heat buildings, power transportation, and fuel industrial processes. Power and transportation sectors are the largest sources of CO2 emissions, while US, China and India are the top emitters.

What are the effects?

Harmfull impacts on humans and nature

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Effect on respiratory functions

CO₂ is necessary for breathing in the human body. CO₂ also regulates the blood’s pH value. However, too much carbon dioxide can be harmful to humans, high concentrations affect respiratory functions.

Increase in greenhouse gases
The increase in the amount of CO₂ leads to a profusion of greenhouse gases which hold onto additional heat. This leads to melting ice caps and rising sea levels, causing flooding
How can we help?

Efficiently track and reduce CO2 emissions

Our Carbon Emission Monitor can help companies map CO2 concentrations and identify sources of emissions, allowing them to reduce emissions, comply with regulations and support sustainability initiatives.

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