You can't hide from a satellite

Caeli’s satellite data makes air quality and emissions visible, accessible, and understandable, empowering action to fight air pollution and climate change.
Solutions from space

Globally mapping air quality from space

Using satellite information, we can pinpoint different gases. The gases are then presented by us, either via our API or conveniently on the map. As these gases can have impact on human health and the environment.
Live Air Quality

Real-time air quality data
at your fingertips

Discover the world’s air quality in real time as we broadcast live data, granting global access to up-to-date atmospheric conditions for a better understanding.
See the invisible

Mapping the polluting gases that affect us all

Our company provides advanced technology for gas mapping, allowing us to accurately measure and analyze the concentration of various gases in the air. With our solution, we can map the following gases:
Air Quality Dashboard for financial page
From space to screen

Translating data into information

We process and analyze the raw data, extract relevant trends, and present it through user-friendly visualization techniques such as machine learning and interactive maps.
Satellite data
Importing, validating, and categorizing our data.
SRA algorithm
Applying artificial intelligence for image sharpening.
Imputation algorithm
Enables us to “see through the clouds”.
Surface level algorithm
From column-level to surface-level values.
Column- to surface-level values
Machine Learning
We use the latest techniques with extensive data sources.
Validated data
Our data shows a high correlation with RIVM ground measurement stations.
AWS infrastructure
High performance and scalability possible.
Insights in dashboard
We visualize solutions for various audiences through our dashboards.
Visualize solutions through our dashboards

Choose the right plan for you

To help you solve air pollution and climate related issues, we provide several products to deliver insights.

Track global and local air quality for better decision-making.

Track global and local air quality for better decision-making.

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Track global and local air quality for better decision-making.

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